Silver Pigeon 1 MY19



Firstly Silver Pigeon 1 MY19  pistol grip stock and forend of the new 686 Silver Pigeon I are made from selected oiled walnut wood and are finely knurled for better grip in the rain. Stock is available in both right-handed and left-handed versions with a drop of 36.5/57.5. In addition, forends come in beaked and rounded versions. The Microcore® Butt Plate ensures comfortable, accurate shoulder shooting and a secure, stable hold when shooting.Silver Pigeon 1 MY19 . Created by Beretta’s master sculptors, the theme takes the form of elegant floral motifs embellished with images that reflect the region, such as leaves and clusters of grapes. Extending to the action trigger, it is visually appealing and provides a perfect grip when in use. This weapon has a golden single-select trigger.

The pistol-grip stock and forend of the new 686 Silver Pigeon I are manufactured from selected, oil-finished walnut and are finely chequered for improved grip, even in the rain. The stock is available with a 36.5/57.5 drop in both a right- and left-handed version. Additionally, the forend is available in Schnabel or rounded version. The Microcore® recoil pad ensures comfortable, accurate shouldering and safe, stable support when shooting. The 686 Silver Pigeon I’s receiver, which is derived from the legendary 680 series, features a slim, elegant shape, characterised by the tried-and-tested locking system with iconic trapezoid shoulders and dual conical locking lugs. The engravings are created using modern Beretta technology, namely a 5-axis laser, capable of engraving rounded surfaces while maintaining perfect continuity in the design.