Beretta GunPod2 Bluetooth Unit


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Beretta GunPod2 Bluetooth Unit
GUNPOD2 – The digital hunting diary for your Beretta A400
The Beretta GunPod 2 is a smart digital system powering a new way to enjoy hunting. Stop wondering how many cartridges you shot last month or how many miles you walked with your dog: GunPod 2 will hold these statistics for you! The highlights of your hunting sessions, along with photos and videos, finally collected in a handy digital archive. And if you want to share on social networks? With GunPod 2 you can.
Thanks to the patented on-board Bluetooth shot-counter, the shotgun connects with your smartphone to collect the most important moments of the hunting session (shots, path, photos and videos) in a smart digital diary with built-in statistics. But there is even more: GunPod 2 is also a useful tool in case of emergency, by allowing the hunter to make a phone call to a pre-defined phone number with just two taps and to get the GPS position with a single swipe, to be immediately shared with the rescue team if required.
This unit is compatible with A400 XPLOR Action or A400 XCEL either with “Ready for Gunpod” (black cap on pistol grip), or as an upgrade replacement for your GunPod equipped A400.